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By Morio Higaonna

Quantity three includes purposes from the 1st kata, in addition to an illustration of Tensho kata and the complicated kata, Sepai via Suparinpei. will probably be an invaluable advisor to martial artists in any respect degrees and of all styles.
The kata of Okinawan Goju Ryu are completely useful. every one move has that means. This quantity comprises 1,000 photos taken through a motor-driven digital camera, taking pictures every one flow second by way of second, and obviously illustrating why kata is the spine of grasp Higaonna’s karate.
Performances of the Kata: Sepai, Kururunfa, Sesan, Suparinpei, Tensho.
Applications of the Kata: Gekisai-dai-ichi, Gekisai-dai-ni.

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If you meet an opponent who knows how to defend the position you’re in for a real hard and bloody time, though this is unlikely because basing is an acquired technique that few but the dedicated acquire. Having said that, against a determined opponent who is intent on punching you out, it is very easily done from this position. You will not get out of the mount on instinct alone, you’ll need a repertoire of different escapes, ones that are time honoured and practised under pressure, in your curriculum.

For instance if I go for a climb over escape and he moves his left leg away from me to evade the escape he will be leaving himself open for a hug and bridge because he has redistributed his weight, to evade the climb over, in such a way that he is vulnerable to being bridged. If I try to bridge the opponent will move his weight forward to block the bridge and literally pull me into a climb over. Combining is easy as long as you remember to use an escape that will fit with his blocking re-distribution otherwise you’ll do nothing but tire yourself out and tiredness makes cowards of us all.

G E O F F 40 T H O M P S O N ’ S G R O U N D F I G H T I N G S E R I E S The Mount Position 2) Rest Out If immediate escape is not an option or the option has been lost then secure the opponent in a head lock, as per illustration, and rest out until the time is right to escape. Try not to over-tense, just use enough muscle strength to hold the opponent: it is very easy in these positions to over exert oneself and end up knackered. Keep the opponent as close to you as possible, especially his head.

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