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By Christine Payne-Towler

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When we have a fever, our dreams grow agitated; and they glimmer gently in response as healing begins. Dreams mirror convalescence, and finally, our dreams glow with new images as health is restored. Thus our dream metaphors about our bodies constantly change throughout the course of recovery. Regardless of the type of injury or illness, the body and its dreaming mind travel the same mountainous route: we are hurt, we reach a crisis, we react to it, we worsen and die or improve and live. Even if we do not survive, we can grow in self-understanding as long as we are alive.

5. Fortify yourself with pleasure. You may not presently be able to do any of the things that have brought you joy in the past. But there is bound to be something you can do at this moment that will give you pleasure. It may be a small, simple thing. Perhaps you'll inhale the fragrance of flowers nearby, remembering fond associations. Perhaps you'll reread some special poem. Perhaps you'll listen to a favorite piece of music. 2 Delight yourself. Every day, from this day forward, set aside at least ten minutes—then fifteen, then twenty—to do something that gives you joy.

Over two thousand years ago, Hippocrates, the Greek physician called the father of medicine, thought that specific dream images prognosticated future ailments. Such dreams are probably responses of the brain to minute bodily sensations that are magnified and dramatized during sleep. Symptoms of illness, we shall see, often appear in dreams long before they are observable while awake. As you learn the common dream signs of both poor and vibrant health, and discover your personal images for illness and improvement, you have the opportunity to pick up forewarnings each night.

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