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By Frédéric Lenoir

ISBN-10: 8434409283

ISBN-13: 9788434409286

El mundo se acerca a su ultimate, un cataclismo amenaza con destruir al ser humano, de manera que se convoca un cónclave de siete grandes sabios provinientes de diversas regiones del mundo. Estos siete sabios representan a las principales religiones del mundo y se reúnen en un monasterio del Tibet.

Allí convocan a dos adolescentes. Se llaman Tenzin y Natina, pero no son más que sombras o receptáculos de las principles que los sabios van a verter en su inside. Un compendio de los angeles sabiduría humana, pues tienen l. a. notion de que existen fuerzas antagónicas en el universo y que si transmiten con los angeles suficiente convicción sus conocimientos el principio que mantiene en armonía el cosmos y el universo se impondrán.

Son siete cápsulas de sabiduría sobre los grandes temas de l. a. humanidad: el sentido de los angeles vida, éxito, felicidad, cuerpo/mente, potencial creativo, amor y transformación del mundo.

Todo contado a través de “fábulas poéticas” y sobre los angeles base o el fondo a una crítica a l. a. deshumanización de Occidente, el capitalismo, los angeles sequedad y los angeles aridez de las relaciones personales.

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Therefore, when we want to disseminate the truth of the Buddhist patriarchs, it is not always necessary to select a [particular] place or to wait for [favorable] circumstances. Shall we just consider today to be the starting point? So I have put this together and I will leave it for wise masters who aspire to the Buddha-Dharma and for the true stream of practitioners who wish, like wandering clouds or transient water weeds, to explore the state of truth. 109 Written by the śramaṇa110 Dōgen, who entered Song [China] and received the transmission of the Dharma.

Furthermore, Śākyamuni’s teachings have been spreading through the threethousand-world only for around two thousand or so years. Countries are of 20 Chapter One many kinds; not all are nations of benevolence and wisdom. How could all people, moreover, possess only intelligence and wisdom, keenness [of ear] and clarity [of eye]? But the right Dharma of the Tathāgata is originally furnished with unthinkably great virtue and power, and so when the time comes it will spread through those countries.

4 The five aggregates are form, feeling, perception, volition, and consciousness. They are five instances of prajñā. Reflection is prajñā itself. When this principle is preached and realized, it is said that “matter is just the immaterial”5 and the immaterial is just matter. 6 They are hundreds of things,7 and myriad phenomena. 9 They are eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and mind;10 sights, sounds, smells, tastes, sensations, and properties;11 plus the consciousnesses of eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and mind.

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