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Download e-book for kindle: An Introduction to Natural Hygiene by Herbert M. Shelton

By Herbert M. Shelton

ISBN-10: 0787307815

ISBN-13: 9780787307813

E-book by way of Shelton, Herbert M.

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Another favorite advice dream came to me about a year after the end of a romantic relationship I had been particularly sad to lose. I am driving a new convertible. With me is Jake (an old boyfriend). He is riding in the passenger seat. He turns to me and says, “You can let me out anywhere, you know. ” This dream was giving me very sound advice indeed. I had continued to grieve over this relationship and to doubt myself long after it was time to “let go” of my memories. Driving a new sporty convertible suggested that my ability to change and “convert” experiences into positive lessons was a strong advantage to me.

Norman’s reaction to Nita’s evaluation is to spread his taxes all over the bed and work on them. The taxes might be symbolic of fatigue, “feeling taxed,” or of business and financial concerns having to do with the loss of assets. By checking with Norman about these symbols and his associations to them, we were able to get a good understanding of their significance. Norman and Nita had settled into a routine of avoiding intimate relations. Norman had thought to himself that this was due to his busyness and work headaches.

Linda’s description of rotten eggs was that they were something children foolishly threw to spoil things. ” This was the dreammaker’s way of telling Linda that her attempt to hammer her way into the material was childish, and would have the opposite result of the one she wanted. Linda decided to get some tutoring to help her with the unknown portions of her material, and to approach the situation with a more “mature,” and less panicky style of learning. It is likely that her very attempts to force herself to master material she found confusing were inhibiting her ability to comprehend aspects of it which were accessible to her.

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