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By W. A. Sherrill, W. K. Chu

ISBN-10: 0140192069

ISBN-13: 9780140192063

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That the purely physical reality could come into being and exist on its own is a strictly modern conception that is the product of the ego-consciousness of this era and is the defining characteristic of our time. The manner in which the faculty of reason is exercised during modern times is merely a reflection of the shadow self and not a reflection of the higher intellect that can perceive the truth directly. What, then, can lead human beings beyond the horizon of the individual self? For an answer, we must turn now to the inner world of higher intelligence in our search for a faculty with the power to transcend the limitations of the human mind.

Moreover, a paradoxical failure of logic emerges in which the mind itself not only attempts to place limits on the mind, but also then insists on such limits as the basis and the best of its logic. In truth, there is an overwhelmingly subjective, contingent, and relative flavor to all that human reason proclaims and consequently to much of the worldview that modern science sets forth as a fully comprehensive system of knowledge and as a framework for action. It is true that reason pursues a line of logic, exhibits a profound capacity for mathematical formulation, and offers an exacting and progressive vision of the future with cutting-edge technology as the measure of its success.

H. Nasr and Katherine O’ Brien (Oakton, Va: Foundation for Traditional Studies, 1994), p. 103. 2. A conspiracy that ended, it should be pointed out, with the end of the evolutionary process itself. It may surprise a few people to learn that there is no definitive evidence substantiating the claim that an evolutionary process as a grand progression of trans-species development, envisaged by Darwin and perpetuated by modern-day biologists, has ever happened. ” When she lectures to her fellow biologists, she often asks them “to name a single, unambiguous example of the formation of a new species by the accumulation of mutations.

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