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Study the secrets and techniques of the Martial Arts Masters. force a Nail with you head Take complete strength punches to physique Bend a knife in your Neck Knock somebody down witn 1 finger Unbend capable Arm

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Abdominal Leg lifts Leg Lifts are important for several reasons. They work the lower abs and the help strengthen the back, as well as the knees. Keep the toes pointed and the legs straight. You can lift them straight up or curl them back into the abs. I do a lot. I try to do them for 3 minutes without stopping. I can usually do 180 or more in the 3 minutes. Abdominal Side bends Side bens really work to get rid of that love muscle or bulge around the waist. Hold one hand on the head and lean to the right and left side as far as you can.

DUMBELLS Cross overs Stand with the feet about shoulder width apart and curl the weight up and across the body. You can alternate arms, or use weights in both hands. Turn the weight over as you curl up. Do 4 sets of 12 to 16 reps. DUMBELLS Straight curls heavy weight This curl is done raising the arm straight up and curling the weight. I use heavy weights and really push the body to build the muscle. So I do less reps. Do 4 sets of 4 to 6 reps. DUMBELLS Triceps extensions Stand with the feet about shoulder width apart lift the arms straight up in the air.

The science of controlling the rate and the movement of the breath. The ability to forcibly, at the instant of impact remove all breath from your body to allow the muscles full contraction of the muscles, and to strengthen the concentration of the mind. (3) Mind control. The specific concentration of mental powers and focus of the mind. The total concentration of your mental processes towards a specific goal, area, Copyright 2001 Ted Gambordella 1 KI (Muscle, Breath & Mind Control2 or muscle. The ability for complete and total mental focus so that nothing can distract the minds power.

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