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By C. M. Shifflett

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C.M. Shifflett's "Aikido for educating and Training," is a thoughfully crafted guide that are meant to gain any Aikido practicioner. i personally am essentially a Shaolin Kung Fu stylist, besides the fact that, i used to be venerated to have studied with Shihan Paul Silvaine of Valley Aikido in Northhampton Massachusetts among 1985 and 1989. The Aikido that he taught me used to be inspiring to assert the least, and its round nature blends completely with either Kung Fu and Tai Chi method. This publication has helped me to re-ignite his teachings, and allowed me to renew perform in Aikido. there's an grand abundance of data inside this publication, and several other readings will probably be essential to glean all the treasure locked inside its pages. The illustrations are sufficient, yet in certain cases, i presumed few extra photographs could were acceptable. I believe the various different posters that the testimonials have been usually either funny and becoming, yet every now and then i discovered them over the top, and anxiously learn on for extra of the Author's professional guide. sustain the nice paintings! thumbs up!Sincerely,Erik D.J. O'BrienThe Drums of Doom: half 2 of The Duaredheim employees Saga

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Page 55 PUSH HANDS CHAPTER TEN: B a g u a P US H H A N DS A N D C I RC L E S PA R R IN G : This section deals with a unique method of two person training which puts no pressure on either partner and so the level of martial ability is increased at a natural rate. Many martial arts place beginners into sparring situations too soon when they are not yet ready for such contact. Baguazhang builds up a player's confidence slowly with this peculiar method of sparring and before they know it, the student is into full oneself defence on an attack/defence level.

PHOTO NO. 303. This kick is aimed at BL 57 (Bladder 57) (See my Encyclopaedia of Dim-Mak for details). It can take the leg out for days and damage the whole kidney and bladder, so be careful when executing this one! So, from the attacker, you have received four heel kicks, left, left, right and left. You should now change sides so that the attacker is beginning with his right foot and visa-versa. To make for 8 kicks in all. Begin slowly and easy, do not try to beat your partner in any way as you are only there to help each other.

A127. I then attack his groin with my right palm controlling his left with my left. PHOTO NO. 208. A128. He would probably take a step to the rear to evade the attack so I quickly follow up with a right step to behind his left leg and open my arms to throw him. PHOTO NO. 209. A129. Page 30 B A G UA Z H A N G T H E C O M P L E T E S Y S T E M V O L 2 BLOCKING A FIST BY ROTA T I N G THE ARMS: (Opposite) I take my left palm under my right to slip block and turn on my heels to face the S. PHOTO NO.

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