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New PDF release: Ah This!

By Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

ISBN-10: 0880505028

ISBN-13: 9780880505024

Publication by way of Rajneesh, Bhagwan Shree

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Poor Anurag -- I call her "poor" because she is going through something really horrible. Now I have to call it horrible, I can't be diplomatic! " This is diplomacy! People listen only to that which they want to listen to; otherwise they fall asleep. At least they can think of a thousand other things, and that too is a kind of sleep because they are no longer listening. I have to be hard! I have to be as hard as possible because your sleep is deep and it has to be shattered. I have to hit your head with a hammer, otherwise you are not going to wake up.

Because words can't convey that which I am and I have to go on trying to do something which is not possible. Get ready soon so that we can sit in silence and listen to the birds or to the wind in the trees. Just SITTING SILENTLY DOING NOTHING, THE SPRING COMES AND THE GRASS GROWS BY ITSELF. That is going to be my ultimate message and my final work on the earth. You say: I THOUGHT THAT'S WHAT BEING ENLIGHTENED IS ABOUT: KNOWING. You cannot think anything about enlightenment, and whatsoever you think is bound to be wrong.

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