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By Jasbir Singh Mann, Harbans Singh Saron(editors)

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But, the Guru’s reply to them is very revealing of his new thesis because he asserted that it is the Naths who did not know even the elementaries of the spiritual path. What we wish to emphasize is that it is not just incidental, but it is the very logic of Guru Nanak’s system that involved on the one hand the rejection of monasticism, asceticism, celibacy and Ahimsa and on the other hand led to the creation of an organized and disciplined society that accepted total social responsibility. It is in this context that we should understand and interpret the history of the Guru period.

He adds that there is life in every grain of corn or food we eat. In the context of Indian religions, this explanation was extremely necessary for a society for which he contemplated the course of action as indicated in his hymns. For, resistance to aggression or oppression cannot at times be done without the use of 38 force. Therefore, for the execution of the religious mission of Guru Nanak it was essential to create a society, appoint a successor, and clearly eliminate the religious sanction to the curb of Ahimsa in the socio-political field.

Guru Nanak’s system leads to a third inference as well, namely, the importance of work and production. He says, “The person incapable of earning his living gets his ears split and becomes a mendicant. He calls himself a Guru or a saint. Look not up to him and touch not his feet. ”20 It is significant that after his long tours Guru Nanak worked as a peasant and started a Langar (free food for all and service at one platform) till the end of his days. This practice of earning one’s own living continued till, after the Fifth Guru, organizational work of the Panth and confrontation with the Empire made the carrying out of a private profession impossible.

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