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Vassilis L. Aravantinos's A New Inscribed Kioniskos from Thebes PDF

By Vassilis L. Aravantinos

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Phys. , 55, 1208–1210. C. G. (1997) Nonlinear optical response of the GaAs 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 exciton polariton, Phys. Rev. , 79, 4870–4873. C. S. (2002) Towards Bose–Einstein condensation of excitons in potential traps, Nature, 417, 47–52. Banyai, L. W. (1986) A simple theory for the effects of plasma screening on the optical-spectra of highly excited semiconductors, Z. Phys. B, 63, 283–291. Haug, H. W. (1994) Quantum Theory of the Optical and Electronic Properties of Semiconductors, 3rd edn, Singapore: World Scientific.

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See also Chapter 6 by Rupper, Kwong and Binder. Semiconductors should achieve a higher cooling power density than RE materials. The maximum cooling power density (rate of heat removal) is W N ~ kB T/τr , where N is the photoexcited electron (hole) density and τr is the radiative recombination time. In semiconductors, the optimal density N is limited due to many-body processes and does not exceed that of moderately doped RE systems. 8 (a) Cooling cycle in the laser refrigeration of a semiconductor in which the absorption of laser photons with energy hν creates a cold distribution of electron–hole carriers (only the electron distribution is shown for clarity).

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