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A New heritage of the Peloponnesian War is an ebook-only omnibus variation that incorporates all 4 volumes of Donald Kagan's acclaimed account of the battle among Athens and Sparta (431–404 B.C.): The Outbreak of the Peloponnesian battle, The Archidamian warfare, The Peace of Nicias and the Sicilian day trip, and the autumn of the Athenian Empire.

Reviewing the four-volume set within the New Yorker, George Steiner wrote, "The temptation to acclaim Kagan's 4 volumes because the most effective paintings of heritage produced in North the US within the 20th century is vibrant. . . . this is an success that not just honors the factors of dispassion and of unstinting scruple which mark the simplest of contemporary historicism yet honors its readers."

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77 But we learn from Thucydides that in one case, at least, the minority might not quietly accept the majority decision. In the winter of 421/20, when the Peace of Nicias was in effect, Xenares and Cleobulus, two ephors, "who most particularly wanted to break the treaty, made private proposals to the Boeotians and Corinthians" to adopt a policy contrary to the official policy of the state. 78 This very instance illustrates another reason for the potentially disturbing influence of the ephors on Spartan foreign policy.

12 12 THE SPARTAN ALLIANCE destroy the tyrannies, step aside, and let nature take its course. 14 Her policy was to promote oligarchy and defend it against its enemies. " 15 The alliance that Sparta led into the fifth century, the nucleus of the grand coalition that turned back the Persian invasion, was founded on Spartan military might and bound together by a mutual distrust of Argos as well as a common interest in defending oligarchy. But were there no other ties binding the members of the alliance, more formal and lasting than Spartan power or shared interests, both of which might be transitory?

Others suggest that it was an attempt to extend Spartan hegemony to the Aegean. is even more dubious. He says that the Corinthians, like the Spartans, were fighting a war of revenge. Their complaint was that the Samians had given refuge to three hundred boys who were being sent by the tyrant of Corinth to the Lydian king Alyattes to be made eunuchs. 52 Now, by 525, this wrong was more than half a century old. It was a wrong, moreover, done not to the Corinthians, but to a tyrant whose memory they hated, and so it is hardly adequate to explain Corinth's action.

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