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An exam of political, social and cultural advancements within the Soviet Union. The booklet identifies the social tensions and political inconsistencies that spurred radical swap within the executive of Russia, from the flip of the century to the revolution of 1917. Kenez envisions that revolution as a challenge of authority that posed the query, 'Who shall govern Russia?

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EYEWITNESS go back and forth publications are organised district by means of district, with a scientific, thematic technique. major points of interest in every one zone, and famous person gains in every one significant sight, in addition to buying, lodging and eating info, are proven along color three-D maps, city maps, thematic maps, cutaways and floorplans.

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A t the All-Russian Party Conference which had been convened at the end of A p r i l (beginning of M a y ) , there were excited debates. Lenin's proposal to break immediately with the international workers' movement and to found a new International was turned down. So was his proposal to rename the Social Democratic Party and call it Communist. On the other hand, the assembly supported his stand on the nationalities question. " A compromise was made regarding collaboration with other left wing groups and relations with the Soviets.

A quid pro quo position. ) The fact that Lenin had accepted Trotsky's view that the dictatorship of the proletariat was the real goal of the Russian revolution also made it easier for Trotsky to join the Bolsheviks. , the inter-districtors. Among them were Lunacharsky, the future Commissar of Education; Pokrovsky, the wellknown Marxist historian; Ryazanov, the biographer of Marx; the future diplomats Manuilsky, Joffe, Karakhan, and Yureniev; and others. In July they joined the Bolshevik party, and substantially raised the intellectual level of the party leadership.

Stalin attended, and early in 1913, he repeated his visit to Cracow for a further meeting with the Bolshevik members of the Duma. This time he stayed abroad for six weeks. Here he was told by Lenin to write a survey of the nationality problem in Russia. His own views and experiences demonstrated his knowledge and interest in this field. Stalin went to Vienna to gather impressions and material among the Babel of nationalities of the Habsburg empire. One of the ablest scientific thinkers among Lenin's followers happened to be in V i enna at the time—^Nikolai Ivanovich Bukharin, who later became highly esteemed as the party's theoretician.

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